Media Blasting

Your coating is only as good as what is underneath. The removal of all paint or surface contaminants is the most crucial element to providing a coating that will protect your substrate and prevent corrosion. If the surface is not free of all paint and contaminants and does not have a proper anchor profile for coatings to adhere to, then the surface is at the mercy of the previous coating. Once the bottom coating begins to fail, everything on top will deteriorate as well.


Prime Restoration offers full service mobile and shop blasting, so any needs you have can be met quickly and efficiently. All of our blasting services can be performed in house by our SSPC C7 certified Abrasive Blasters, or we have the ability to come to you. Our Mobile Blasting Machines are 100% self-contained and need no outside power to operate.

If dust is in an issue on-site, our dustless blasting machines are all equipped with water tanks to feed the units as they work. So no matter where you are or what the job, Prime Restoration can meet any of your stripping or cleaning needs.

Abrasive Blasting

If you have a problem with rust, industrial inspectors will most likely recommend abrasive blasting, a high-powered cleaning procedure that strips away corrosive materials from surfaces to prevent further contamination. Abrasive blasting is one of the most effective and long-term solutions for eliminating and preventing rust.

Depending on the state of your facilities, a certain level of blasting will be necessary for your operations. At Prime, we can offer abrasive blasting surfaces at all levels. Light to Medium Blast Cleaning removes loose material, such as light rust or mill scale. Near White Blast Cleaning is common for industry-strength jobs, and can eliminate grease, oil, dirt, corrosive materials, paint and oxides. White Metal Blast Cleaning is for severe conditions and erases rust and foreign matter so effectively that afterwards, the treated surface becomes metallic white.

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a process of removing paint and contaminants from surfaces with little or no impact to the original surface. A combination of sodium bicarbonate and air are blasted onto the surface at relatively low pressure. When the particles meet the surface, they fracture and the energy created displaces paint and other contaminants. This process gently removes the material without harming the substrate.

Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting uses a minimal amount of water (about 15% of a power washer consumption). The inert combination delivered through a Dustless Blasting machine encapsulates the coating being removed, never giving it the opportunity to become airborne. A simple plastic sheet underneath the surface will capture the abrasive and coating together for quick and easy disposal.

 HoldTight 102 is a very important aspect of our dustless blasting services, offering up to 48 hours of corrosion prevention and is also a chloride remover. Typical blasting services have to work with a painter to ensure that the surface was coated quickly to prevent flash rust. This limitation causes major issues with work stoppages and longer job times, which translate to longer plant shut downs.

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